A golf story

Yesterday, I took a floater day off and met up with AJ, who was back from the US b/c of Independence Day, and we went for our traditional mid-week round of golf at Camisle. At first the weather didn’t look like it would cooperate as it was calling for thunderstorms in the afternoon, but that soon gave way to just rain, which we were both comfortable golfing in. And boy, what a good decision that was.

It actually didn’t really rain that hard and halfway through the round, it stopped altogether. But it was enough to keep all the other golfers off the course, as we were the ONLY ones on the course until we left. As a result, there was no sense of rushing and we ended up with the best rounds of our playing days. AJ edged me out on the round with an 82 on the par 70, over my 83. But the day had some memorable moments, from him hitting a solitary wooden post in a wide open fairway about 200 yds off the tee, to my eagle (yes EAGLE!!!!) on the 12th hole.

Now I would be amiss if I didn’t at least describe this once-in-a-blue moon eagle. The drive has hit well but then tailed off to the right and we lost sight of it. Both of us figured it would be close to the water hazard, if not in it, so I chose to play it. As we approached, we saw no sign of the ball, so we scoped out the water and lo and behold, we saw a ball close to shore under the surface, but out of reach. So I hit a drop to the green, and as we strolled up, we saw another ball on the fringe. We were both floored when it turned out to be my drive; a 270+ yrd drive. So I lined up with my 9-iron and chipped it, and BAM!, eagle! We couldn’t believe it!

But all in all, I can’t say I’ve ever had a better round; my short game was on fire, and my irons were true. I think we’re going to have to do some more rain soaked golf more often.


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