Conspiracy Theory

So word on the street is that the bid by Jim Balsillie to buy and move the Nashville Predators to Hamilton has hit aa controversial end. It is said that current Nashville owner, Leipold, has turned down Balsillie’s bid of $238M and has or is about to accept a deal worth $190M from a California-based businessman with the intent to move the team to Kansas City (yes, you read that right).

From a business standpoint, it seems like an oddity for an owner so deeply in debt to accept an offer that is $48M less than the leading bid. However, many new sources have said that the if the lesser offer was ever accepted would mean the NHL (specifically commissioner Gary Bettman) would have had a hand in it. It’s been very well documented that Balsillie’s approach in bidding for this team has been very strong-armed, and that it was this that has rubbed the NHL and the board of governors the wrong way. But, his plan and bid was well thought out that only an intervention would stop what seemed like the inevitable purchase and move of the team.

So questions now arise: did Bettman have a hand in killing yet another attempt to purchase and move a team by Balsillie? Why is the NHL so against having another team in the market goldmine of Southern Ontario? Does MLSE have that much clout with the league that they could be involved in this? What’s Balsillie’s next move?

Well I hear the Atlanta Thrashers are in trouble, and you know what they say: the third time’s a charm. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks to Joe for the link in his comment. I’m definitely on board!


3 Responses

  1. Bettman is behind it for sure… he’s scared of hockey becoming hockey’s sport again, or having become less of an American sport.

  2. you mean hockey becoming Canada’s sport again right?
    I agree.. I still don’t understand how he can justify this decision. On the one hand, let’s move to Southern Ontario and watch the cash roll in like no tomorrow OR let’s try going to a new name market like KC and try our luck there and hope it doesn’t turn into another Nashville. Wow.. no brainer there.

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