Cool or Overboard?

So now there’s talk that they (as in Hollywood) may be making yet another cartoon/comic to live-action movie, this time being Thundercats. Is this a good thing or are they just going overboard with trying cash on the old-school geeks?

Personally, as much as I think this would be awesome, I’m afraid they’ll screw it up somehow, much like how they messed around with Transformers. Btw, Cheetara’s still hot.

If you know nothing about Thundercats, here’s a quick ramp-up.


One Response

  1. So unsure… I hear you on Cheetara, but otherwise we’re looking at a full cast of men in leotards… One of them saying “Hoooooe”.

    Let’s not forget Snarf, who should have died 100x over in the show, and I probably wouldn’t have even cried as a kid. He’s like a furry Jar Jar Binks. Nuff said.

    I remember that one of my favourite thundercats was Tigra, and I realized, even back then, that’s a girl’s name. But turning invisible? Too cool. Then again, he did it with a whip, and there are all sorts of comments that can be made about THAT.

    But you know, you have to give kudos to the creators of the show, they worked with one of the biggest childhood fantasies: growing up in an instant (or seeming to). With bulging muscles for free too. It’s like a what-if scenario: what if I were suddently big, strong, with a sword, and a half-naked cat chick next to me?

    That’s a question for all ages, really…

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