Jamaica Update

So as promised, here’s a quick summary of the vacation. For those not interested and just want to see pictures, have a look here. Anyway, on with the summary.

We landed late in Montego Bay on Sunday night, and the trip from the airport to the resort was around 1.5 hrs, but it wasn’t too bad; maybe a little loud with the crazy wedding party that was on our bus.

The weather there was gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever felt sun like that. Ever. I’m not usually one to burn, but I think I burnt everyday I was there, no matter how much sunscreen I put on. The last few days we were there, it rained from mid-afternoon until the evening, but it was ok as we had been out in the soon for most of the day.

The resort itself was awesome. Beach front property with great food and great entertainment. The beach area actually had a few shallow coral reefs, which made for great snorkeling. And how can I forget the swim-up bars? Best. Invention. Ever.

We didn’t stay in the resort the entire time. We did end up going out and taking a tour of Ocho Rios, visited the Dunn’s River Falls, and also made a trip out to Luminous Bay. Luminous Bay, as mosquito filled as it was, was very cool to see. It’s one of three spots in the world where the natural occurrence of micro-organisms live that give off a phosphorescent glow when they are disturbed. So we took a boat cruise out through the waters and as we rode along, we could see the glow from the fish, as well as a stingray as it moved out of the way of the boat. Very cool sight to see.

All in all, it was an awesome trip, so much so that we’re thinking of going back again next year with friends! So go ahead and check out the pictures. Some good, some not so good, but something we’ll definitely remember.


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