Spiderman 3

So K and I went to watch Spiderman 3 this weekend with the Matricks like the thousands of other sheep that filed into theatres. If you don’t want to hear anything about it (good or bad, and spoilers), you might as well stop reading now. For those that do care (don’t all raise your hands now), keep reading.

I must say, I was extremely underwhelmed and disappointed by this chapter in the series. The storylines that were developed had no substance and were inaccurate. Now, I’m not a hardcore fanboy of Spiderman, but I know enough about the storylines to know how badly written and inaccurate the movie was. Case and point was the involvement of Sandman as Uncle Ben’s killer.

Also, I think they rushed to get Venom into the movies. They introduced him three quarters of the way through the movie and killed him off by the end of it. There was so much more they could have done with that plot, but they rushed to get him into the movie just to draw fans, which seemed to work for them (congrats). However, it will have a lot of folks angry and may hurt them for the next chapter in the series.

They also spent too much time character building and less on the actual plot, which made for a very dull movie at times and when the action scenes did finally occur, they were less than impressive. Sure, there was a decent fight scene (Harry vs. Parker), but other than that, it was pretty lame.

Overall, I would say if you HAVE to watch it, go ahead. But don’t go into the movie expecting a whole lot out of it. If I had to rate it, it’d probably get a 2 out of 5.

//This will most likely get copied into the new review site when I get it up and running.


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  1. What ur review says is absolutely true. I too felt the same when I saw it with so much of apprehension and after a long wait. Too much character construction and a breakdown in the love story of Parker n Jane was not at all needed.
    Shud feel sufficient only with the fight in the climax.
    Nice review.

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