Meet the New Capt. Anger

A good buddy and co-worker of mine has now earned the title of Capt. Anger.   If you’re ever around him, you can just feel the anger resonating from him, to the point that you can’t help but laugh at his constant, pent-up rage.   Recently, he sent out a couple of rants via email around the office about his “great”, but absolutely hilarious, traveling experiences.   After that, we decided it was time for him to start up his own blog to chronicle these great stories.   So without further ado, I present to you AJ (aka. small garden, aka the New Capt. Anger).



Recently saw Laura’s post about Facebook and remembered I had opened an account a while ago but never used.  So I’ve been pretty busy on it trying to find some old friends and have been met with some success.  Anyways, if you’re on there too, come check me out.  For those of you who have come here from the link in my account, “Welcome” and no, you can’t have the 30 secs you just wasted back.

Gung Hei Fat Choy!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!  Wishing everyone a generous and prosperous year of the pig!!



This guy’s got mad skillz!

Snow and more snow…

So most of you know by now that the GTA and surrounding areas were/are getting hit by a snow storm. Well lucky for me, I live in the Hamilton area, where we got the worst of it. We were hit by two fronts, as opposed to the one that everyone else got. The result? Around 70cm of snow and counting. You must be thinking, “70cm? Are you kidding?”, but I kid you not. Just have a look at the pics inside. More pics here.

//update:  Here’s how the snow looks this lovely afternoon after shoveling.

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Making things interesting

The other day while driving home, there was an excellent discussion on the radio about how to overhaul the win-loss point system in the NHL.  The argument was that with the current system, if the winning team isn’t truly recognized for, well…. winning.  A good case in point is that when a game is tied after regulation, there really is no motivation to go all out in OT for one extra lousy point since both sides, win or lose, will get a point.  Sure it may matter in the long run or when it’s during the playoff race at the end of the season, but other than that, it’s one lousy point.

So proposal was to reward the winning team, based on it’s proficiency of knocking the other team out.  In that case, the proposed scoring system would go something like this:

  • A regulation win awards the team 4 points
  • An overtime win awards the team 3 points
  • A shootout win awards the team 2 points
  • Both teams will be awarded at least 1 point after regulation

Now think about this.  If you’re truly good enough to take out a team in regulation, why not get rewarded for your success and effort?  Why should a team who can’t close out a game in 60 minutes be rewarded the same for a team that can?  Also, the scenarios during the playoff race would be interesting.

Take, for example, two teams playing near the end of the season.  The teams are separated by 2 points.  If the game is tied with a few minutes left in regulation, what would the team that is lower in the standings do?  Would they pull their goalie to go for the all-out win?  If they win, they’ll vault right over the other.  No longer will they be satisfied to bringing it to OT and settle for making up 1 point in the standings.  Plus, even if it did go to OT, would the coach not push the team harder to get the OT win to make the jump and be tied in the standings?  Or even look at it from the other side of the coin, if the team ahead in the standings get the regulation or OT win, they’ll jump ahead in the standings significantly.  In my mind, it makes the game more competitive as teams are truly rewarded for their efforts.

Would you be happy if you, who worked your butt of to get a project done ahead of schedule, get the same raise as your co-worker, who took their time and barely got it done on time?   Reward the effort, not the end result.

More Heroes stuff

For those of you who watch Heroes, you’re probably just like all fans and want to know more and can’t wait until the next episode.

So yesterday, I went on to NBC’s site to see if I could find the trailer for next week’s episode, and noticed a banner for Primatech Paper. I clicked on it and it led me to a very basic looking site which had a few usual links about career opportunities, about us, etc. It also had a 1-800 number for more information. It all seemed pretty harmless, until I started digging around the net.

//Update: looks like the codes change daily so if you want to check it out, let me know and I”ll post the current day’s codes.

In the official Heroes forum (linked directly from NBC), there is a thread talking all about this so-called harmless site. As it turns out, it a front for some pretty cool stuff. The first thing you need to do is to go back to the NBC site and check out the video clip called Wireless. That will give you some background as to what happens next.

According to forum members, a code was provided in one of the episodes for the career section, where you then proceed to enter information and fill out a really weird survey. It then sends you to the WAP version of the site, where if you go through the career section, you’ll see that Wireless is trying to “hack” the site. She tells you to go to the About Us page in your desktop browser and look for the helix, and provides you with a username and password. She also provides you her code, to be used later.

So, what does this all mean? Have a look here for yourself. Look for the helix in the logo and click in. The information you’ll need is as follows:

user (never changes): bennet

pass: claire

pass for profile 1: HGghz11a

pass for profile 2: TSntz14b

Have fun!