How’s your holidays?

Mine have been pretty good so far.  The fam was down for dinner on the big day and it was good to have the a few fresh faces (my sis Tree and K’s nana) here to enjoy it.

I managed to get a good haul for Christmas, with Tree getting me Zelda and K getting me Elebits for the Wii.  Have been playing Zelda non-stop and I’m probably only about 1/3 of the way through.  I’ve got some issues with the controls here and there but it’s definitely a must buy for Wii owners.

Also got a new cell phone, since I lost the old one when I helped K’s parents move last month so I may need to grab everyone’s contact info again.  I’ll email you if I do.

So how’s your holidays?  Hope everything is treating you and your families well. Happy Holidays and see you in 2K7!


2 Responses

  1. Remember back in the day when you and Ty were hooked on Wind Waker and I was hooked on The Ocarina of Time? I miss that game – it was sooooo good.
    So – I was thinking – it sounds like you may be done Zelda within a few weeks, and as a fellow Wii owner, it might make sense to maximize your return by selling it used to Ty and I. We’ll cut you a good deal. Or, you can lend it to us and we’ll lend you Excite Truck which is ridiculous amounts of fun. What do you think???

  2. Yeah, those were the good ol’ times weren’t they?
    Well from the looks of it, the more I play, the longer the storyline seems to grow, so I may still be at this a while since I can’t play much during the week anymore. Stupid work.. why do you always get in the way!? 🙂
    But yeah, when I’m done, I’ll lend it your way for Excite Truck. So far most people who’ve played it have nothing but rave reviews so looking forward to it!

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