How’s your holidays?

Mine have been pretty good so far.  The fam was down for dinner on the big day and it was good to have the a few fresh faces (my sis Tree and K’s nana) here to enjoy it.

I managed to get a good haul for Christmas, with Tree getting me Zelda and K getting me Elebits for the Wii.  Have been playing Zelda non-stop and I’m probably only about 1/3 of the way through.  I’ve got some issues with the controls here and there but it’s definitely a must buy for Wii owners.

Also got a new cell phone, since I lost the old one when I helped K’s parents move last month so I may need to grab everyone’s contact info again.  I’ll email you if I do.

So how’s your holidays?  Hope everything is treating you and your families well. Happy Holidays and see you in 2K7!



Justin Timberlake was this past weekend’s host on Saturday Night Live. I’ve gotta say, he’s one funny dude. Here’s a couple of clips from the show (one didn’t actually make it on, I’ll let you guess which one).

Birthday Wishes | Happyness is Great

Happy Birthday Hon!  Wishing you all the best as you get a little bit wiser (hopefully not enough to realize how crazy you were to marry me 😛 ).


K and I went to go watch Pursuit of Happyness this weekend.   Great movie and well portrayed by Will Smith.  You really have to feel for him as it seems like Lady Luck seems to have it out for him and just keeps kicking him in the balls everytime things start to look up.  It’s not as much of a roller-coaster of emotions as I had thought it would have been going into it, but the ending really does tug at your heart strings.  Definitely a recommend. 

Office Party!

This past Friday was our office Christmas party. Now most Christmas parties I’ve been to have been fairly low-key with just some food and drinks. This year, ours was held at Berkley Church and consisted of an all-you-can-eat buffet including a fresh Sushi bar, Italian, Indian, and a grill station. Needless to say, the Sushi bar was the highlight of my meal.

The night concluded with some great music by our DJ (no clue who he was), and some good ol’ fashioned rug cutting, including a great Macarena lead by Winnie, myself, and of course, my drunken boss 🙂 Good times to be had for all. Pictures (be warned) can be found here, thanks to Winnie.  My personal favourite is the last one.