Wii-day: busted

Yesterday, K and I went to line up at Walmart at 6am, in hopes of getting our hands on the Wii. There were already people there from overnight, but we weren’t sure whether we would be able to land one. So, K went off to scout some of the other retailers to see what the lines were like there.

Turns out, she found a nice short line at Zellers and called me to come meet her there. Well, I found out that at the Walmart line, I was #37 and there were only 36 Wiis in stock (ouch!). So I went down to meet her at the Zellers and wait it out until the 10am opening.

When the manager arrived, we were notified that they had NO STOCK left because they were all pre-ordered. What a piss off! I know for a fact that the Big N had told retailers to separate their pre-orders from their in-store stock, but yet this guy here sold everything to pre-orders! And it was too late to try any other stores!

Ended up going online and ordering one from Sears, only to find out it’s on back-order and should be expecting it on 12/05. Ah well… a little longer of a wait won’t kill me.


One Response

  1. It may kill you. d00d, Excite Truck is hot hot hot.

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