So just to give you some context, I finally picked up my Wii on Friday.  Friday, you say?  Wasn’t it supposed to be 12/05?  Well, it was, but then Sears oh so nicely cancelled my order without telling me, because supposedly the big N wasn’t giving them the stock for their back orders.  So lucky me, I had to find another way to land one.

Well news broke that BB was withholding stock b/c of their weekly Friday flyer advertising the console, plus they were supposed to get a new shipment in either Thurs or Friday.  So I called up a few places and they were all gone by the time I called.  However, trying some Toys R Us stores, I finally landed one that still had stock.  Thanks go out to Rob and Taleen for picking it up for me!

So then we went to a wedding this weekend and I was dared by K to dance with these older folks doing some crazy line dancing, with the reward being able to open up my Wii before xmas.  Yes, I did it, and to the Macarena, no less.  But it was all worth it to be able to finally play it.

I was itching all day yesterday to break it open yesterday after work, but then the stupid train broke down, and by the time I got home it was past 7:30, and still had to make food.  When I finally had the time to open it, Heroes came on.  Yes folks, I’m so hooked on the show that I actually put off playing the Wii to watch the show.  By the time it was finished, K was asleep, and didn’t feel right to open it without her, being her gift to me and all.

Maybe tonight?  Probably not as we have our last dance lesson tonight and going out for coffee with Rob and Taleen afterwards.   Ah well… priorities priorities… 🙂


Wii-day: busted

Yesterday, K and I went to line up at Walmart at 6am, in hopes of getting our hands on the Wii. There were already people there from overnight, but we weren’t sure whether we would be able to land one. So, K went off to scout some of the other retailers to see what the lines were like there.

Turns out, she found a nice short line at Zellers and called me to come meet her there. Well, I found out that at the Walmart line, I was #37 and there were only 36 Wiis in stock (ouch!). So I went down to meet her at the Zellers and wait it out until the 10am opening.

When the manager arrived, we were notified that they had NO STOCK left because they were all pre-ordered. What a piss off! I know for a fact that the Big N had told retailers to separate their pre-orders from their in-store stock, but yet this guy here sold everything to pre-orders! And it was too late to try any other stores!

Ended up going online and ordering one from Sears, only to find out it’s on back-order and should be expecting it on 12/05. Ah well… a little longer of a wait won’t kill me.


The Nintendo Wii is just around the corner.  K and I will be going early Sunday morning to pick one up.  Just itching for it… and Zelda is looking great from all accounts.

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