5 and counting…

Happy 5th Anniversary, hon!


Busy weekend

This weekend was pretty crazy and tiring. Some highlights:

  • Big lunch with family and friends from out of town on Sat
  • Looooooooong wedding on Sat. 4 hours to serve dinner should be a criminal offense
  • My parents finally caved and found out the baby’s gender (it’s a boy, btw!)
  • Had my family and Darryl’s (Tree’s man) family over for a BBQ yesterday

There were other things, but my goldfish memory can’t keep up. Regardless… I’m dead tired and could use a nap.

Getting lazier and lazier….

Found two Firefox extensions to make posting to Twitter and WordPress.com a ton easier.

Secret’s out!!!

K and I are expectant parents!!!
We’ve just made it out of her first trimester, and we’re expecting sometime mid-January! Had the ultrasound yesterday, and got our first baby pics!! 🙂
This kid’s going to be one spoiled kid, I tell ya!

All Moved In!!!

After a crazy move on Wednesday and a lot of cleaning over the past week, we’re finally all moved in!
The place still has a bit of tweaking to be done and some boxes to unpack, but otherwise we’re all set.
Let the life of less commuting begin!
More pics here.

Two words…


Dead Fantasy 1: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/26450.html
Dead Fantasy 2: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/26450.html

Best bet is to download them and watch offline.


Gotta love them rabbids…